a second grader at T Elementary School asked me to go to their class by saying, “please teach us English.”

then I had the best class with them where we did head, shoulders, knees and toes with a weird dance integrated into it and I taught them animal names and played some games with that.

THEN at the end, the students got to give their thoughts and comments and they were all positive, like, “I’m happy we got to learn a lot of animal names in English!” or “I’m excited for the next English class and what we will learn!” and “I want Meo-sensei to teach us English again!”

I had to work real hard not to cry on the spot. BAWWWL

Hijacked a lesson from my JTE today. 

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Students play-fighting as I walk by.

Me: “Hello!”
Student 1 (has student 2 in headlock): “Hello! How are you!”
Student 2 (tapping student 1): “I’m fine, thank you. And you?”

My Elementary School Kids at their finest. 

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Kyushu again!

Road trip! Space world!

Moomin cafe! Moomin moomin!

Hakata 一蘭 Ramen!

Waiting for shopping-people…
and fighting evil by moonlight!

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